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The better beef

You may have noticed our tagline, #thebetterbeef.

We are here to share a product with you that is indeed better in our eyes. Why is it better? Here are our TOP THREE reasons to back our claim:


As the saying goes.. you are what you eat.

Well, the same is true for our plants and animals. We raise all of the grasses and grains our cattle receive on our certified organic farms. Beginning with the soil: organic soils produce a higher nutrient count than those treated with commercial herbicides and pesticides. When our soils are able to produce more micronutrients, our plants and animals receive higher counts as well. This means we never feed GMO's and that our feed is grain for grain more nutrient dense than its commercially produced counterpart. We believe that our high quality feed is the backbone of our healthy herd.


You may have also noticed.. our cattle are not black.

The food industry has successfully marketed Black Angus as the leading beef choice for consumers. While Angus can be tasty, they also are bred to feed and slaughter them the fastest - making them profitable in the industry. On our farm, we chose a breed of cattle that will produce the juiciest, tastiest beef possible. Pinzgauer cattle, reigning from Austria, have ranked higher on panel taste tests versus Angus, Charlois, Hereford tallying higher scores for juiciness and flavor. They also excel as mothers for their high milk production providing us big healthy calves.


Making the conscious decision to know where your meat is from.

Bypass standing at the meat counter picking the 'best looking' steak. Having the ability to know the farm, know the people and know the animal is far beyond choosing a book by its cover. We are raising our animals from the time they hit the ground to the time they are loaded for processing. Our standards are high. With us, you have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have and get the answer straight from the source . No middle man here just the farm and your table.

We hope we've convinced you too, this is #thebetterbeef.

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