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Chuck & Mo I.

I was told to give Kollasch beef a try, so my wife and I got a quarter beef, picked it up at Whittemore Locker, brought it home, filled our freezer but took out a pair of rib eye steaks for the grill for the next night. Made baked potatoes and ribeye on the grill, plated my wifes and waited for her responce! I already tried some while I was grilling, like all men do! She cut into hers and said" Oh my, now that is some tender beef!" VERY pleased with their beef and will come back again, probably sooner than I planned, my 2 older daughters are taking part of that quarter home with them! Thanks again guys!

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We are pleased to bring you a product we know so much about,  beginning with the soil and feed our animals are raised on.

Tallow Products

Miranda K.

I love the tallow! Has the best texture and makes your skin feel so good!
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