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$3.23/lb hanging weight+ Processing.


1/2 Beef is generally around 450 lbs hanging weight and around 270 lbs take home beef.


All processing on beef portions is custom to your preferences, deteremined prior to processing date. Processing costs are typically around $450/half depending on preferences.


**Beef Portion Reservation Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE.

Shipping not available, customer must pick up from processor.


Estimated total cost for 1/2 Beef including processing: $1903.50 (deposit deducted from final balance of the cost of the beef per pound)


All our cattle are organically fed. We never use hormones, steroids or GMOs.


When you purchase from our farm you can share in the responsibility and benefits of creating a sound local food system, viable farms and a healthier planet.


Price Options
One-time purchase
1/2 Beef Annual Dep.
Lock in your freezer beef!
$250.00every year until canceled
  • Remaining cost of the beef per pound is payable by cash, check or Venmo.

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