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"We are investing the in the future of agriculture and the future of our family."

our beef


Traditional Beef
Top Quality

Our beef are raised in open spaces with their mothers, when they are weaned they continue a diet consisting of primarily grasses. We supplement the grass or hay diet with non GMO corn to help "finish" the animal. This creates additional marbling in the beef and develops the flavor. The corn is a free choice supplement in the pasture and offered for a much shorter period than the six to nine month period typical in industrial feed lot beef. The animals are slaughtered typically at a lower weight than the weight of industrially raised cattle. Because of the decribed practices, the beef is generally leaner than feed-lot kept cattle.


Our beef has an excellent flavor due to our feeding regimine. Allowing the cattle to graze on green pastures during the warm months and supplementing during the winter results in an impeccable taste. The grasses and grains fed to our cattle are raised right here on our farm with organic practices in place to ensure healthy soil, healthy crops and healthy animals. 

As the land we work changes hands and generations we focus on how to sustainably operate, meaning someday we can pass it on to the next generation. Basic practices such as rotating our crops keeps our soil's nutrients from depleting. We also enrich our soil with manure. Soil sampling allows us to create maps of our fields ensuring we are adding the right nutrients back to the soil, right where it needs it. Using cover crops helps keep soil erosion down and nutrients in. In our transition to organic crops, we eliminate chemicals and synthetic fertilizers. This improves plant growth and physiological activities of plants. In the long term, organic farms save energy and protect the environment.

We use local butchers to provide a start to finish above quality product. 


Located in
the Upper Midwest

We have small town values and work hard to bring you a product we believe is the best.  Kollasch Family Farms beef, located outside Whittemore, Iowa, is provided to you with the same standards we have for our own family and friends.

As producers, we have the same goals as our consumers. Our goal is to implement nutrient-balanced production practices based on science that will produce healthy soils, healthy plants, and healthy people.


Our story begins in a small town

Beef meticulously raised by a 5th generation farmer and a culinarian. Husband and wife team, Matt and Hilary, began raising cattle to provide quality beef to their family. They coincide their cattle production with their certified organic row crops - producing sustainable beef by feeding organic grasses and grains grown on their farms.


Their farm is located just outside of Whittemore, Iowa, where they run their Pinzgauer cow-calf operation. Cattle are raised in open spaces, in a natural enviroment during the majority of the year. They are never given hormones or GMO's and receive organic grains. We truly beleive that raising an animal naturally is a pillar for the exceptional flavor.


Our goal is to provide you with the same quality beef we put on our own table. We hope you enjoy every bite as much as we do, knowing the high standards and committment we put into raising our beef.

-Matt & Hilary

Steak perfection takes time

Kollasch Family Farms beef production typically spans 18 months. We are not interested in the quickest turn around time. We are focused on the best possible flavor. That is dependent on the cattle spending the summers in the green pastures and winters feeding on harvested crops of the growing season such as millet and alfalfa and non GMO finishing corn. All of our cattle's feed is produced from our farms in north central Iowa.  

Much time is spent determining each group of cattle's nutritional needs during each stage of the animal's life.

The Pinzgauer Breed

The Pinzgauer breed has been included in studies performed at the USDA Meat Animal Research Centerfor many years . These studies have shown that Pinzgauers produce meat that is among the most tender of any beef breed and that routinely exceeds other breeds in juiciness and flavour. Because of the enzyme makeup of these animals, (calpains and calpastatin), the meat retains its tenderness without the use of artificial chemical processes. The inbred docility of the Pinzgauer also decreases the likelihood that carcasses will be dark cutters.

As reported in the Journal of Animal Science in 1994, research showed that Pinzgauers had the highest score (5.16) for marbling among the European Continental breeds. This same report showed that Pinzgauer beef was the most tender at 4.47kg of eight other breeds tested including Angus, Hereford, Limousin and Charolais. On sensory panel scores, Pinzgauer scored highest in flavor of all breeds tested and among the highest in juiciness.

Pinzgauer beef provides the best of both worlds...tender, juicy, flavorful beef without a lot of fat or waste. (American Pinzgauer Association, 2016)

We choose to raise Pinzgauer cattle for their breed purity and their success as mothers. They are not only excellent beef cattle but also excell as milk producers.

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