The average cost per pound for actual beef received will be around $3.31.  This cost is based on the "hanging" (or "carcass") weight of the animal. The current price for our beef is $2.50-$2.80 per pound. Basic processing costs about .71 cents per pound, with tenderizing or pre-formed patties costing a little more. Your total cost, per "hanging" pound, therefore, will be about $3.31. The hanging weight of a quarter of a beef will be about 200 pounds and cost you $700. (Our cattle usually "dress out" at approximately 55-60 percent of their hanging weight, the actual meat you receive will be about 120-130 pounds, resulting in an average cost per pound for actual meat received of about $3.41.)


Meat can be picked up directly from our partner locker in Whittemore, Iowa, just one mile from our farm. (We currently do not ship beef portions) 

Quarter Beef (Approximately 155-200 lbs) *$100 deposit required

Half Beef (Approximately 200-300 lbs) *$200 deposit required

Whole Beef (Approximately 300-600 lbs) *$400 deposit required

Please contact us to make your beef reservations!  

{Contact us for Spring 2021 beef portion reservations}




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