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The average cost per pound for actual beef received will be around $3.66 for a quarter beef.  This cost is based on the "hanging" (or "carcass") weight of the animal. The current price for our beef is $2.50-$2.80 per pound plus processing costs. Basic processing costs about .71 cents per pound, with things like tenderizing or pre-formed patties costing a little more. Hanging weight refers to the weight of an animal before bones are removed.


The hanging weight of a quarter of a beef will be about 175 pounds and cost you $490 and the average cost to process 1/4 beef is $175 for a total estimated cost for a quarter of beef coming to $665. 


Our cattle usually "dress out" at approximately 55-60 percent of their hanging weight, the actual meat you receive will be about 105 pounds, resulting in an average cost per pound for actual meat received of about $3.66.


Meat can be picked up directly from our partner locker in Whittemore, Iowa, just one mile from our farm or Eagle Grove. (We currently do not ship beef portions)


Quarter Beef (Approximately 160-200 lbs) *$100 deposit required

Half Beef (Approximately 250-350 lbs) *$200 deposit required

Whole Beef (Approximately 675-775 lbs) *$400 deposit required






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