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Is a beef share right for you?

6 Questions you absolutely MUST ask

1. Do you want to save money? When purchasing in bulk, you're getting great beef at a fraction of the cost! Raised with care, free of chemicals and pesticides our beef is of the highest quality. Our beef portion pricing begins at $2.50/lb hanging weight. Learn more about costs and weights on our beef here:

2. Do you like convenience? Our online inventory of steaks and roasts is often sold out. But our customers who buy beef portions don’t have to worry about that - because their freezer is already full of Kollasch Family Farms steaks, roasts, and burger and more.

You know that 4 o’clock feeling when you realize you don’t have anything for dinner and the last thing you want to do is run to the store? I love shopping from my deepfreeze!

3. Do you have enough freezer space? I recommend planning for 175-200 lbs. of take home beef in a half, and 80-100 lbs for a quarter. Typically, you can estimate 1 cubic foot for 35 pounds of meat. Check out our previous blog post how to calculate the amount of freezer space you should have available for a beef portion:

4. Do you want to fill your freezer with exactly what you want? Buying directly from our farm ensures the beef you’re consuming was raised in a way that aligns with your values without growth hormones, pesticides on a small organic farm.

5. Do you want to support local farms and businesses directly? Raising beef for direct market is a labor of love and one that requires a daily dedication to the well being of every single animal. On our farm we strive each and everyday to provide the best for our cattle and in return they provide the best for your tables.

6. Do you like fun extras? Beef portions often come with options cuts not often seen the in the family kitchen these days. Soup bones, ox tail, and beef tongue to name a few. Give something new a try!

So, a beef portion sounds like something you might like to try but You've never purchased beef this way before and are wondering how the whole process works... Here is a real example of how we guide our customers from reserving a live animal to getting the beef to their freezers:

1. Contact our farm to see when we are taking reservations for processing dates.

Real life example: Joe emails in November and makes a reservation for a quarter beef. We let him know we are taking reservations for beef expcted to finish and process in January. Joe makes a deposit on a quarter beef. This beef is now reserved in his name.

2. When steer is ready for processing it will be taken to the butcher to be processed into the cuts of meat you have requested. The butcher will hang the carcass to age for about 14 days. This aging period is best for our cattle - longer aging will yield less meat. Your final bill for the beef will be calculated by the pound for the hanging weight of the steer, which is usually about 60% of the live weight. For example, if the steer was 1,000 lbs., the full carcass would have a hanging weight of about 300 lbs. per side.

Real life example: Joe will be contacted by our farm a few weeks prior to the expected processing date for his beef. We will remind Joe of his processing date and request he completes a processing form with the locker. We happily guide Joe through this process to choose the cuts that are best for his family's preferences.

3. After the beef is processed, the butcher will wrap it in freezer paper, and then it’s ready to be taken home. The locker will contact you when your beef is ready to be picked up and taken to your freezer.

Real life example: Joe is contacted by the locker roughly two weeks after his beef procssing date. His beef is ready to be picked up and taken to his home. Joe should bring enough boxes to carry around 80-100 lbs of beef. Joe will pay the locker direcly for the costs of processing at the time of pick up. Joe can store his beef in his deep freeze for up to a year!

What did Joe pick up in his standard order for a quarter beef?

3 Chuck Roast

1 Arm Roast

6 Ribeyes

3 packs of Sirloin Steak

5-6 T bones

1-Sirloin Tip Roast

30 lbs of ground beef

10 lbs - 1/4 lb patties

1 brisket

4 packages of short ribs

We hope this post helped you understand the processes of buying beef in bulk directly from our farm!

Still have questions? Feel free to send us a message!

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