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Ag Week 2019 | Meet Kollasch Family Farms

From healthy soil comes healthy crops.

On our farm we choose to operate with organic practices in place. This means: no pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, GMO’s, or growth hormones in our cattle at any point in their life. A portion of our farmland is certified organic while another portion is currently in transition. Each step of our farming process is connected from soil health, crop and livestock production and ultimately us. Our goal is to develop and implement an agro-ecosystem that is sustainable. We rely on local, renewable resources and various forms of technology for successful crop production. Our crops are recorded in a detailed record keeping system that tracks products from the field to point of sale.

Our main crops are corn and soybeans. We utilize cover crops to replenish the soil and some of these crops feed our cattle along with grass and alfalfa. Having the ability to choose from different feed sources with our cover crops allows us to optimize our cattle’s feed depending on their caloric and nutritional needs. The grasses and grains we feed throughout the winter are produced and harvested from our farms by us and serve as a nutritious feed source during the cold months as well. We believe that our close attention farming practices and soil health improves our plant composition yielding higher energy for our cattle.

We also happily supply area livestock owners with high quality hay and alfalfa when we have a surplus.

The cows have told us.. dinner is GOOD!

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