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Community Supported Agriculture: What is it & Why?

Community Supported #Agriculture (CSA) is a great way to put farm fresh beef on your table while supporting your #local farmer. We are now offering smaller 'shares' than a quarter beef to make it easier for smaller families, smaller freezer spaces, etc. to buy directly from the farm and eliminate the middleman, packing and transportation.

Do you ever stare into the meat counter and wonder where that beef came from? Was it even from #Iowa? Here in the #Midwest we are surrounded by beef #cattle, corn and a plethora of other crops.. but how much of that ends up on our own tables?

Joining our CSA program you can rest assured our beef is local, raised by us from start to finish and never given hormones, gmo's or eat herbicide treated grasses plus sustainable farming practices.

Sign up for a half or whole share of assorted cuts and ground for pick up either quarterly or every other month. A great opportunity for yourself and the next generation to understand what real #food is and the value of its production.

#CSA sign up allows us as a #farm to plan for the upcoming season. You will directly be supporting certified organic crop production and non gmo #beef production, #regenerative and #sustainable soil management on our farms.

Do you CSA? Tell us the benefits you enjoy!

Want more information? Find the CSA tab at the top of the page!

-Kollasch Family Farms

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