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We have a fresh, new face!

You may have noticed our new logo released earlier this week.. How does our farm stand out from other farm operations and what exactly is

Regenerative Agriculture? Regenerative Agriculture is a step further than operating organically. On our farms we have recognized that not only is it necessary for the future of agriculture to eliminate harmful chemicals and synthetics but we also need to begin repairing the damage that has been done to the soil over the extent of modern agriculture.

The pillars and practices of our farm focus on building and supporting healthy soil and ecosystems.

In our soils you will find higher organic matter, less tillage, more biodiversity and (new this year, multi-species) rotational grazing.

When we combine organic + regenerative on our soils we raise the bar and go beyond certified organic. Our soils will sequester more carbon, build more topsoil and keep toxic chemicals out of the air, water and soil.

We take a look at what is in the soil, not just what is produced from the soil.

But, why does that matter?

Ross Conser, a regenerative farmer, said, ‘It’s not the cow, it’s the how.’

Soil health is directly linked to the overall health of our food system.

The number one priority in #regenerativeorganic agriculture is soil health, while displaying high standards for animal welfare. The goal is to create farms that mimic nature to produce #nutrientdense products as a directly result of soil health.

The lack in connection to the land and industrialized #agriculture has essentially killed the soil. Soil should be teaming with #microbes and #nutrients that directly transfer to the crops produced on them. If the #soil is ‘dead’, imagine what missing essential items are in the food produced on it. In a world obsessed with how big, how fast - agriculture is on the fast track to a dead-end road.

The United Nations has stated due to industrial mono-crop farming, and has estimated we only have 60 years of harvests left due to the loss of top soil.

Your dollars spent with us directly impact our efforts in regenerating the land.

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