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Tallow: Rediscovering natural skincare

A centuries old moisturizer is making a come back.

Long before commercial moisturizers, tallow was one of the original skin creams dating back to ancient times. But wait.. where did it go?

The use of tallow as moisturizer may have phased out with the times as fewer people processed their own livestock and the rise of the beauty industry began marketing different 'must have' skin care ingredients, additives l, chemicals, water based products and ingredients to increase profits.

Rendered beef fat, or suet, can sound mildly offputting to lather on your skin but it's definitely worth reading into:

Suet is specifically the fat found around the kidneys of a cow. This fat is different from intermusle fats, containinghigher levels of vitamins, minerals and acids beneficial to our skin.

Our skin is our largest organ drinking up anything we put on it. We should pay special attention to what we're absorbing through our skin.

Our new line of beauty products only uses ingredients that are natural and have been used for hundreds of years: Tallow, honey, beeswax and essential oils. While thick, it's easily absorbed and does not clog pores.

Since the make-up of tallow is so much like our own sebum there's a plethora of benefits we experience when we put it on our skin:

  • Microbial balance through essential fatty acids

  • Stability: tallow does not need preservatives to remain stabile - our products have a shelf life of one year and even longer when kept in the refrigerator.

  • Fatty acid profile: the most similair profile found to our own skin allowing quick absorption

  • Skin superfood: containing fat soluble vitamins A, D, K and E to restore our skin.

Aside from these amazing topical benefits using tallow products supports a nose to tail approach using parts of the animal that are typically sent to the trash.

If you're interested in non toxic skincare we highly recommend giving our tallow products a try!

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