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Spring Calves

April 1 marked the first calf at our farm and a few other little ones have followed suit!

We are intentional with what many consider late calving. Since we are a cow-calf operation we can choose when the bull is with the cows and about when our calves will arrive. We hope to coincide our calving alongside the deer and bison, to mimic the techniques nature uses so successfully.

Why do these animals see success reproducing in April, May and even June?

The major push is right in front of our eyes - yummy green grass.

The cow's nutritional needs and milk production peak around 60 days after giving birth, right when the grass is becoming abundant for the summer months. Allowing them access to fresh pasture ground can increase their milk supply sooner.

Our Pinzgauers are already known for high milk production, drive by our farm mid summer and you will see some pretty big calves along side their mamas. They aren't past their weaning date and the mother's aren't having a hard time keeping up with them. We keep a close eye on each part of our cattle's lifecycle and their nutritional needs throughout. As the weather gets colder and the grass is less abundant the mother cow will naturally have less milk available and the calf will be old enough to move off the cow, just as nature intended.

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