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Soil Health

Ag Week 2019 | Meet Kollasch Family Farms

Did you know, the soil is alive?!

Our soil is filled with billions of microbes. When the soil is cared for with intention plants are able to form more nutrients that our bodies need. If soil is not carefully managed these important microbes are lost from the soil. Did you also know that healthy soil can help manage disease and pests without additional pesticides? We strive to understand our soil’s health needs and agro-ecosystems to sustainably maintain our soil while allowing high production capabilities.

How do we care for our soil? Basic practices such as rotating our crops keeps our soil's nutrients from depleting. We also enrich our soil with manure. Soil sampling allows us to create maps of our fields ensuring we are adding the right nutrients back to the soil, right where it needs it. Using cover crops helps keep soil erosion down and nutrients in. Healthy soil can actually retain water acting as a reservoir during drought. It can also drain water more easily and more readily lends itself to root development since natural microbes help avoid soil compaction. Lastly, we continue to expand our knowledge and education on organic soil health. We believe that healthy soil is the key to sustainable farming.

In our transition to organic crops, we eliminate chemicals and synthetic fertilizers. This improves plant growth and physiological activities of plants. In the long term, organic farms save energy and protect the environment.

We proudly produce all of the feed for our cattle on our farms. We can guarantee that the grasses and grains we feed to our animals are nutrient dense.

Overall, soil health is the source of prosperity and the source of healthy food production.

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