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Meet our farm family

Our celebration of Ag Week Continues!

Matt is a 5th generation farmer. He has followed suit of his Grandpa in raising cattle. Though his grandpa’s successful cattle operation became a thing of the past, Matt continues the tradition of raising cattle on their farm in Whittemore. He implements the same tools his grandpa used: good animal husbandry, being in tune with his cattle and providing quality feed. Matt is updating the style of beef production on the farm by combining the farm’s transition to organic crop production and his desire to produce healthy, sustainable beef. He is passionate about each step of producing cattle from calving to finishing. His animals love him, and he loves them. As many livestock producers do, Matt spends quite a bit of time ensuring his cattle are comfortable, sheltered and are provided proper nutrition to produce healthy cows and calves. He produces and harvests all of the grasses and grains fed to his cattle within 5 miles of the farm. Matt also works alongside his dad in their farming operation, Kollasch Land and Livestock, producing corn, soybeans and various small seed row crops.

Hilary is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts and loves to provide her full input on each steak. The flavor of their beef is really important to the Kollaschs as producers and they hold the highest standards for themselves in regards to fat, marbling and grain. Matt and Hilary work together to determine their goals for the beef and Matt implements the feed required to produce their best beef. Hilary provides the marketing, order processing and customer communications for Kollasch Family Farms. Hilary’s main title is Stay-at-home-Mom. She loves spending her days with their two kids, Charlie and Meredee. Hilary also owns a photography business, Harvest Moon Photography, and specializes in farm-life photography.

Matt and Hilary have two kids: Charlie and Meredee. Charlie attends 3-year-old Preschool at Seton Grade School in Algona. He loves to be his dad’s shadow on the farm and anywhere in between. Meredee is 1.5 and also enjoys big tractors and cows. She will be bringing lots of pink farm gear to the operation in the future, she loves her bows and fancy clothes!

Their farm is located just outside of Whittemore, Iowa, where they run their Pinzgauer cow-calf operation. Cattle are raised in open spaces, in a natural environment during the majority of the year. They are never given hormones or GMO's and receive organic grains. They truly believe that raising an animal naturally is a pillar for the exceptional flavor.

Their goal is to provide you with the same quality beef they put on their own table. They hope you enjoy every bite as much as they do, knowing the high standards and commitment they put into raising their beef.

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