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Just a Pig?

Adding another animal to our farm to raise took time and consideration.

We had goals on many levels including the meat and fat qualities, breed traits and how they would impact our farm in regards to soil and plant health as well as their reproductive abilities to successfully raise healthy piglets without intervention or restrictions.

There is much, much more that is considered in our operation than simply raising livestock to label as ‘organically fed’.

Ultimately, our livestock are a product of our soil as nutrients directly transfer from it to them. The role they play as cultivators of these nutrients takes center stage.

Pigs on our farm were added as a layered impact strategy, a working part of our regenerative goals to cultivate more nutrients in our ground.

Quality over quantity. We have entered this market space with only the absolute best practices and intentions for our final product, and we don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Our focus is to craft a product unlike any other in the realms of nutrient density (aka flavor), longevity and an almost unheard of - healthy pig.

A far cry from the confinement hogs: lacking almost all of the qualities listed above. Born and raised on our farm, never second hand from injury and illness. They will spend their days not just outdoors but with green grasses under their feet, a true pasture pig.

We are beyond excited to begin this adventure with our seven beautiful piglets this spring.

A happy life they will know!

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