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What makes our farm stand out among the crowd? 👇🏻

BREED: the livestock selected for our operation are intentional. Our Pinzgauer cattle have bloodlines from the Austrian alps where they thrive in diverse environments including the extreme cold. There, they are dual purpose animals providing superior meat and milk (and some of the best chocolate we’ve heard!). They are docile and maternal. We cross our Pinzgauers with grass based genetics of red angus. The pairing is a handcrafted selection to thrive on our regenerative farm.

After years of searching for the perfect breed of hogs, we were lucky to find someone else also had the same goals and introduced a new breed of pigs not to long ago: Idaho Pasture Pigs. These grazing pigs work perfectly into our long term goals while providing some of the best pork with a nutritional profile above the rest.

FEED: Our animals receive daily the highest quality certified organic livestock grade feed. How do we know? It’s produced on our soil, harvested, ground and mixed by us! Soil health is where human health begins and that is where we focus our success.

CREED: Every. Single. Day. The business choices we make as a farm are centered in soil regeneration. If a move forward doesn’t generate soil health we are searching for another way. If the longer way around is going create more carbon, microbes and phytonutrients you better believe we’re putting in the extra hours. Our farm is an ecosystem all dependent on the layer that precedes it - the soil.

Are you ready to join us?

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