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Beef Bone Broth

Step by Step guide to the perfect bone broth!

Why make bone broth? Bone broth is nutrient dense. It contains vitamins and minerals that are easily absorbed by the body including calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and more. The broth is also rich in collagen which supports healthy digestion and helps skin, hair and joints. It is anti-inflammatory as well. The benefits from bone broth are not found in all bones. You must make the broth from a healthy, clean animal - like our organically fed, nutrient dense beef free of hormones, pesticides, etc. Quite honestly there is a laundry list of health benefits attached to bone broth, it's good stuff! I'll let you do the digging as to what bone broth can do for you.

In our house, I keep it on hand as a immunity booster. After a cold or flu its an easily drinkable warm liquid that can act a lot like a dose of vitamin C replenishing our bodies quickly. It also aids in sore joints and is nice to drink in the morning. Here's how to start stocking your freezer:

Roast the Bones:

Drizzle with olive oil and roast in the oven, this helps develop the flavor. Roast at 425 for 30 minutes, turning bones over halfway

Prepare Vegetables:

Coarsely chop carrots, celery and onions. Slice a head of garlic in half. Can add any fresh herbs you have on hand but don't need them. No need to peel any of the vegetables.

Combine all ingredients in your stock pot and cook for 12-48 hours.

You can also find recipes using your crockpot or instant pot.

Remove solids:

Strain the contents using a fine mesh strainer or cheesecloth.

Store the broth in glass jars, ice cube trays, etc.

You can use the broth as a warm drink, in soups, as cooking liquid/as stock. As your broth cools it will become gelatin like - this is the collagen! You can skim the fat off the top as it cools if you prefer.


*I like to double or triple this recipe to make a good freezer stash

3-4 lbs Beef Bones

2 carrots

2 ribs celery

1 head garlic

1 onion

1 T apple cider vinegar

1 t kosher salt

2 bay leaves

8-10 cups water (2 inches over your ingredients in your pot)


  1. Roast the bones. Heat oven to 425. Arrange bones on baking sheet. Roast 30 minutes, turning halfway through.

  2. Prepare vegetables. Chop carrots, celery and onions, slice garlic head in half (no need to peel).

  3. Place all ingredients in stock pot, cover with 2 inches of water. Simmer 24-48 hours, keeping an eye on water levels.

  4. Cool slightly, remove large solids using tongs, strain liquid into storage containers

  5. Store up to 5 days in the fridge or up to 1 year in the freezer. Thaw in fridge overnight.

*Our beef bones are very meaty. The meat that cooks in the stock can make a whole meal if you want to separate and shred it.

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