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The Rump Roast comes from the hindquarters of the cow. This part of the cow gets a lot of exercise, so there is a lot of collagen and connective tissue. The muscle combined with the little marbling makes it a tougher cut. It will take  some time and work to get it tender, but the reward is a flavorful and juicy roast that is the star of set it and forget it meals.


Braised or stewed rump roast is one of the best ways to ensure the beef gets tender and not tough. It is important to keep the meat submerged in liquid throughout the cooking process. You will want to serve rump roast thinly sliced.


All our cattle are organically fed. We never use hormones, steroids or GMOs.


When you purchase from our farm you can share in the responsibility and benefits of creating a sound local food system, viable farms and a healthier planet.


Average Rump Roast size is 2-3 lbs.

Rump Roast

Expected late April
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